CADzilla, has been 15 years in the making. It was designed by Steven Rosewell in conjunction with Dan Harcombe (motor control) and fabricated by Studio Kite. We need to complete the enclosure to create a hot environment, tidy up the wiring and add a few funky colours, but otherwise this beast is ready to work.

CADzilla lives up to all expectations. In this video, CADzilla is running at approximately 10m per min with about 8kg of plastic per hour.  It can do 24m per min and 40 kg an hour when pushed. This print has 2mm layers; it is rough and quick, but ideal for the job at hand.

The 4 parallel motor control is a complete success. A regular gantry style machine would not have the speed we require. We wrote custom kinematics for CADzilla which was serious brain strain. The motors run smoothly, and the machine is very rigid.  Machine tools like routers and laser cutters can be bolted on.  We are planning to manifold the output from this extruder into several nozzles, so we can print multiple objects at once.

Happy Days!

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