About Us

Studio Kite is a model making and special effects company mainly servicing the film, advertising and prototyping industries.
We offer a wide range of services including design, creature making and animatronics, large scale sculpting, model making, 3D modelling , 3D printing and machining, and customized medical models.
Studio Kite has a team of highly skilled artists and technicians as well as drawing from a large pool of freelancers.  We pride ourselves on our unique and specialized skills base.   We are able to produce a wide range of products from concept to creation with dedication, attention to detail and with fluid communication with the client.
At Studio Kite, we maintain our position as a top studio in the model making industry by leading the way with innovative and cutting edge technologies. We utilize state of the 3D software,  art methods and materials as well as keeping well versed in filming and computer graphics techniques.   This makes visualization presentations accurate and collaboration with post production teams uncomplicated.


Our Workshop

Our workshop is located 15 minutes from beautiful Byron Bay and 30 minutes from the Gold Coast airport in The Pocket, NSW.  

Our facility includes a comprehensive machine and welding shop, carpentry section, vacuum forming machine, spray painting and fume extraction equipment, costume fabrication area and a state of the art large scale 3D printing and milling machines.

The workshop also offers a substantial range of special effects equipment including an extensive range of conventional and unusual materials

We are highly skilled with Z-brush, Photoshop and model making programs such as Rhino,  meaning we can quickly and effectively visualize your ideas and bring them to fruition.